WaferStorm Wet Processing Platform

The WaferStorm platform is the industry choice for a number of critical solvent-based processes in the advanced packaging, MEMs, RF, Data Storage and Photonics markets. There are 2 versions- the Manual Load (ML) and 3300 series platforms. The ML system is well suited for R&D and pilot environments. The 3300-series platform is the high-volume work horse of the industry.

The 3300-series architecture is extremely flexible as the user can have up to 8 chambers per system depending on throughput requirements. In addition, the system is capable of handling multiple wafer sizes and wafer types with minimal hardware modification. Lastly, the process chambers can be stacked vertically leading to extremely low system footprint.

System Architecture

High Volume Platform – 3300 series

  • 1 – 10 chamber modular system
  • Low footprint- stacked chambers
  • On board chemical supply
  • Multiple wafer sizes- 50 to 300mm
  • Multiple substrate types – Si, LiTaO3, Sapphire, Glass

Manual load platform for R&D – ML

  • Single chamber- manual load


WaferStorm 3300 Series Platform                                      Manual Load Platform

Solvent Applications

Metal Lift-Off

  • Metal Lift-Off (MLO) is a critical process in the compound semiconductor and RF markets where metals cannot be easily etched without damaging the underlying substrates. The WaferStorm system with ImmJET technology is the market share leader for Metal Lift-Off globally. ImmJET technology is a combination of batch immersion and single wafer spray processing. The immersion step uses heated solvents with agitation. After being softened by the immersion, the wafers are transferred to the single-wafer spray station where they are exposed to high-pressure fan sprays with heated solvents for rapid removal of thick film residue. This combination ensures superior process performance while maintaining the lowest CoO versus wet bench and single wafer solutions.

Photoresist/Dry Film Strip

  • The WaferStorm system with ImmJET technology delivers superior process performance and low cost of ownership for the customer for photoresist strip and dry film strip applications. Especially, when the resists are thick and difficult to remove, the combined immersion and high-pressure spray ensures material removal. In addition, proprietary filtration technology enables low downtime and high productivity.

Flux Clean

  • 고급 패키징의 웨이퍼 범핑 및 연결부 형성 공정에서 flux 세척이 중요한데, 이는 남땜 물질이 남긴 산화물층 및 기타 불순물을 제거해 주어 다음 어셈블리 단계에서 깔끔한 금속 접점을 보장하기 때문입니다. 액체형 용제(fluxing agent)가 돌출면으로 전달되며 남아있는 잔여물을 제거하기 위해 추가적인 세척 단계가 필요합니다. 범프 피치(bump pitch)가 더 나아질수록 flux 잔여물 제거가 더 어려워집니다. 특허를 받은 WaferStorm 플랫폼의 Veeco 담금 및 스프레이 공정 결합 기술은 특히 매우 좁은 공간에서 flux 잔여물을 제거할 때 적합합니다.


  • Veeco PSP의 단면 및 양면 단일 웨이퍼 세정 기술은 많은 응용 분야에서 고효율 입자 제거를 실현합니다. Veeco의 특허받은 양면 PVA 브러시 시스템은 상단, 하단 및 측면 표면을 세척합니다. 추가 단면 PVA 브러시 스크러빙 기술은 고속 스프레이(HVS) 및 메가소닉과 함께 사용할 수 있으므로, 모든 웨이퍼 크기에서 가장 효과적인 세척 결과를 얻을 수 있습니다.

TSV Clean

  • TSV 세척은 중요한 단계로 신뢰성 형성에 필수적입니다. 심부 반응성 이온 식각(DRIE) 공정은 장벽과 시드층을 뚫고 다음 단계로 폴리머 잔여물을 남길 수 있습니다. The WaferStorm with ImmJET technology relies on the sequential combination of the immersion and high-pressure spray processes to remove residues in high-aspect-ratio holes that wet bench-only or spray-only tools leave behind.

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